Monday, 23 July 2012

Hampermill lake Saturday 21st july pm

After a busy day a quick walk round hampermill produced the following highlights

1 common sandpiper
1 little egret
1 tortiseshell butterfly

Stockers farm Saturday 21 July pm

After spending 2 hours at woodoaks farm we moved onto stockers farm were we very lucky to spot a pair of little owls which were showing well also the following was noted 9 swallows and 1 linnet

Saturday 21st July woodoaks farm

After speaking to the farmer friday evening he said to come back tomorrow day time as they were cutting the grass and this normally produced alot of raptors and he was not wrong stunning views of redkites and common buzzards at head height were to be cherished in total 7 redkite and 2 buzzards

Friday 20th July woodoaks farm

A great sunny evening trip to woodoaks farm a great evening after two hours wait we got great views of the barn owl hunting over the long grass a great evening